C a r l a N i z z o l a

A r t i s t

             It is inherent in human nature to share our experiences and stories; painting is how I tell mine.




       My process is an amalgamation of the Apollonian and Dionysion:  ordered and embedded in individuation, but also felt, passionate and chaotic.

I paint with energy, I work quickly.  I refuse to use a paintbrush to create form because I am impatient, and the idea has gone before I have applied the paint.  I use found tools and materials - anything I can get my hands on or what is lying on the floor of my studio.  I pour, splash, scratch, blot, remove, layer, splat, flick.  My work is a visual discovery and without completely immersing myself in it, my making would be meaningless.  I exhale my experience onto each canvas.                     

                 Everything you see affects you.  And everything that affects you effects the people you affect.